Academic Rigor meets Career Readiness

Exploring Your Potential Overview

EYP is an academic program designed to motivate students to take personal ownership of their career plans, think more strategically about their future, and define their own success.  It will allow for an institution to more effectively leverage their career-related resources.  EYP is used as a precursor program to career center activities, helping young people define their career goals, identify their personal value proposition, market their potential, and activate their career plan.  EYP has been tested at several universities with measurable improvement in student career preparedness.

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Content Integration

EYP is readily integrated into a course or set of courses that have career readiness as part of its student outcome or it can be deployed as a standalone program associated with the school’s career services.  Career centers require that students complete EYP before they begin building resumes and honing interview skills. EYP is also used to enhance the effectiveness of career-awareness and job-placement services.

Six Learning Modules

Each Exploring Your Potential course consists of six learning modules that offer actionable strategies, thought-provoking activities, dynamic exercises to be done outside of the classroom, and self-assessment tools.  Students are able to save their assignments and activities in a portfolio that can be shared with instructors, social media, and revisited as the student matures.  Through scaffolding activities, each course supports students in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and actions to demonstrate strategic planning and competent decision-making regarding their career advancement. Dynamic content intersects competency-based learning by using students’ experiences, dreams, and goals as guideposts for development.

Competing in a Global marketplace

Are your students ready? The service offers essential resources to inspire and empower students globally with the tools they need to excel in the job market or pursue more entrepreneurial ventures.

Your academic institution, business, government agency, or non-profit can now have access to a full suite of resources from Peregrine and YSN, global thought-leaders in learning success. Students can leverage the secrets being used by successful young people in 160 countries to pursue careers that empower them.

Such tools include:

  • Online career readiness courses for self-directed learning. 
  • Advise from Pros Videos; short video lectures guiding students toward their definition of success.
  • Personalized Portfolio. 
  • Student Progress Report and Completion Certificate.

Students complete each course online at the pace set by the instructor and parallel to institutional curriculum requirements. Exploring Your Potential leads students to look at who they are, what they want, challenges they may experience and real opportunity pathways for success. Creative writing, organizational techniques, visual maps, storytelling, communication exercises and digital media activities engage students in constructive planning practices that are student-centered and applicable to their individual needs.

Each course includes a pre-course survey and a post-course survey used for assessment and student accountability purposes. End-of-module quizzes ensure student accountability. 

In-course Self-assessments provide quantitative data at the end of the course for instructors to compare with the formative exercises implemented throughout the semester. A table of key deliverables for evaluation includes a video pitch, reflective essay, action plan, and digital vision board provide formative evidence to be compared with summative data from self-assessments.

The resources keep students engaged with the global business environment. The Center also assists students with researching current events that may impact their career choices, as well as providing a wealth of information regarding a variety of global industries and career preparedness. 

Exploring Your Potential can be used as a stand-alone or companion curriculum and produces the following expected program-level learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a clear sense of self and career orientation.
  2. Develop career preparedness skills.
  3. Construct strategic packaging and personal branding to leverage experiences and abilities.
  4. Design practical steps and implement actions to obtain career goals.
  5. Elevate personal and professional expectations to obtain career potential.
  6. Implement a career plan.

Each course module concludes with a set of three clarifying questions to support students in reflecting on their experience with the content. Comprehension, engagement, and impact is measured using Likert Scale questions and can be evaluated by the instructor to note any changes in student development throughout the scaffolding process of the series.

Student responses can also be partnered with and compared to qualitative evidence provided in each course through the key deliverables. It is recommended that both a formative and summative approach be taken when assessing student work produced from this series. Experiences and deliverables should be aggregated as a portfolio for student’s continued use after course completion.