Exploring Your Potential™ includes 30 videos featuring industry experts, bringing a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Exploring Your Potential is jam-packed with practical and actionable insights that students can put to work immediately. Everything is relatable and engaging, with a personal touch. To drive home each of the major lessons, every module includes one-on-one interviews with top executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from dozens of industries and some of the biggest brands in the world. In these intimate but brief discussions, these profiles reveal how people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, majors, and situations carved out pathways that led them to the successful lives they now lead—but not without many challenges and moments of uncertainty, even fear and doubt. Here the passion to persevere and succeed is what prevails. Listening to these stories ignites ambition and confidence in students and instantly illuminates new pathways.

These are some of the most interesting people we’ve ever met , and now their stories come to life throughout every section of the Exploring Your Potential Program.

Download the EYP Career Readiness Program Video Descriptions

Here are a few samples from the program:

John Katzman talks Career Decisions

Nick Bishop talks about Telling Your Story